Web Development News Week 44, November 2012

Web development news for the 44th week of 2012:

Updates About My Projects

For anyone playing with the Diablo 3 project, I have finished implementing a working All Item UI. It is still rough, but it is enough to begin exploring.

I recently made a big improvement to Django Shared, where the sass_to_css command now searches for sass files, so you no longer need to specify file locations.

I have also opened sourced two new projects that simplify authentication via third-party apps like facebook, linkedin, and twitter. This is loosely based on select infrastructure we built at Votizen.com. I will be writing more broadly about them in the coming weeks, when error handling is more configurable and robust, but it works as is:

Django Simple Social
Django Social User


If you are using any SWF functionality in YUI 2, you might be exposed to a security defect. Read more here:

Post Mortem SWF Vulnerability in YUI 2

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