Web Development News January 2009 B

There has been a lot of interesting news from the second half of January. Here are some of the stories that resonated with me:

Dojo 1.4.1 Release Candidate 1

If you use the Dojo framework, then you&rsquot;ll be excited about there new release candidate. I have not seen the spec document yet, but the developers mention FireFox 3.6 support.


Google Reader For Any Website

Google reader now has the ability to follow changes on any website, not just RSS feeds.


JavaScript Unpacker

JSBeautifer attempts to revert JavaScript compression and obfuscation, so that you can read code snippets from the web.


HTML 5 Audio Player Demo

To teach himself a little about HTML 5, Scott Andrew LePera wrote a proof of concept audio player.


HTC Performance

This article highlights the performance cons of using an HTC file to fix IE 6. I recommend progressive enhancement over attempting to make IE behave like other browsers, but if you insist on it, then you should read this:



I have been seeing a lot of SVG work lately. Here are a few highlights: