Web Development News December 2010 B

Hope everyone (who celebrates) had a nice holiday and a happy new year. I was away with family and wasnt able to get a blog post out last week. I didnt make any resolutions this year, regarding this site, but I plan to revisit old posts to ensure that old pages do not die, and hopefully find time to write more in-depth articles.


The ECMAScript 5 specification was revised to fix some technical and editorial errors: ECMAScript 5.1 PDF

Mathias Bynens and John-David Dalton wrote an article describing several ways to benchmark your JavaScript, including a best practice technique: Bulletproof JavaScript Benchmarks

JGen is a cool JavaScript Game Engine with a built in Map editor. Unfortunately, it currently only works in Chrome and Safari, but I expect the team to support other browsers soon: jgen

Jeffrey Way writes about 10 things that JavaScript got wrong. While, I disagree with 3 and 8, the rest of this artice is a good read: Top 10 Things That JavaScript Got Wrong

Trevmex wrote a quick writeup on why the $.extend function of jQuery is slow. Fortunately, the writeup isnt limited to jQuery, but explains the performance of various methods of extending objects: Coffee Script 1.0.0