Web Development News August 2010 A

Not a whole lot of news this week, which is great because I had surgery on my left hand and typing one handed is a pain. Besides the articles included here, there was a lot of talk on whether to HTML validate your code or not. Id say the general consensus was no, because of lack of ARIA support and the inability to add meta attributes. All browsers support meta-attributes, even if they arent in the DTD and it is a better way to send data than hijacking existing attributes.

Here are some interesting articles from the first half of August:


The latest version of IE9 is performing almost as well as the Chrome nightly, and nearly passes the Acid 2 tests. I think they Microsoft might finally be building a decent browser. Additionally, it supports opacity without the alpha filter:


PPK takes a serious stab at grading mobile browers. Take a look at his results:


JavaScript Libraries

jQuery officially announces its plan to support mobile browsers:


Caridy Patino wrote a nice YUI 3 gallery project to handle binding event handlers before the YUI 3 library has completely loaded. This is useful, so that user actions before the page is loaded are not lost: