Web Development New March 21, 2008

New Version of Mint

A new version of mint went live last night. Most of this release was a massive bug scrub and preparation for future releases. However, we have launched an IRA center for those of you looking to put a little money towards retirement, or reduce your taxable income.

Ira Center

YUI 2.5.1

This release introduces YUI configurator and contains additional AIR support, however, it is primarily a bug fix release, cleaning up the issues with version 2.5.

YUI 2.5.1 Released: Improved AIR support, JSON security patch, YUI Configurator, and bug fixes

JSON.js Security Improvement

Douglas Crockford updated his JSON.js with better security to prevent additional unsafe strings from being evaluated.


IE 8 Announcements

There is so much going on with IE 8 that it is hard to follow it all. Fortunately, the Microsoft team has been really good about documenting IE 8, every step of the way. If you havent been following, check it out:

IE Blog

Im Biking to Work Now!

Woot! I only live 5 miles from the office and have been meaning to start biking, but have been reticent to buy a new bike, since my last was stolen. However, with gas prices on the rise and my inability to find time to exercise, it seemed like the right time. Now, I am getting 40 minutes of exercise each day (20 min each way) and saving $40 in gas, every two weeks. This is a seriously sweet investment:

Trek 7.5 fx