Updated the Design of Blog

Ive updated the design of the blog. Mostly this was to fix a few bugs, but I also wanted to simplify the navigation and begin implementing the options feature.

Whats New

  • While, my search engine still isnt operational, if you click on "Find" or attempt a normal search, you will be directed to a page, where you can use Google to search the blog.
  • The Options feature is prototyped. This is a feature where I will expose various configuration settings that readers have control over. It uses cookies to store the values. Currently, you can change the width of the site back to a fluid layout, if you prefer.

Whats Changed

  • The site is no longer using a fluid layout. Many designers explained to me that most people prefer to read in columns, and if you make the columns too wide, they become overwhelmed or distracted. Hence, readability is increased by having a slimmer column width.
  • The header has been simplified by adding some hover behavior. I felt like there were too many options up there, so I condensed them. The Table of Contents and Tags & Archives links have been moved under the Find link. The Home link has been removed as it was redundant.
  • The issue where ads bleed through the header has been fixed. Turns out it was as simple as adding a z-index to the navigation elements. I thought it was going to require an iframe shim.
  • Some minor styles, such as the author and date line, have been changed to improve readability

I know the header/footer still dont work right on the iPhone, and that is because position:fixed isnt properly supported, and the solution is more complicate than it is worth.

Please let me know if you encounter any other bugs.