Animated ScrollTo

This week I had the opportunity to write a method that wraps the native JavaScript window.scroll method with one that animates the scroll. The native window.scroll method is well supported by all Tier-A browsers and is a great way to ensure that dynamic content is visible on the screen. However, it is often jarring to the user when the page jumps to the desired position, so instead we will animate the scrolling.

Example 1: ScrollTo Method

document.scrollTo = function(x, y, n, ms, ease) {
	var offset = Core.Client.getScrollOffset(),
		steps = n || 5,
		i = steps,
		time = ms || 250,
		xdiff = x - offset.x,
		ydiff = y - offset.y,
		fx = ease ? ease : function(i, steps) {
			return Math.pow(2, i);

	scrollInterval = setInterval(function() {
		i -= 1;
		var divisor = fx(i, steps);

		window.scroll(xdiff / divisor + offset.x, ydiff / divisor + offset.y);

		// last step
		if (0 === i) {
			window.scroll(x, y);
	}, time / steps);

I have attached the scrollTo method to document, but you can attach it to any object or variable. The getScrollOffset method is from Core.js and is used to determine how much the user has scrolled the window. The x and y parameters are the position that you want to scroll the page too, and is required. The remaining parameters: n is the number of steps to make for animation (default is 5), ms is the animation time in milliseconds (default is 250ms), and ease is the function used to determine each step length. The default easing method is a fractal algorithm where each step length is half the prevent step.

Here are two additional easing functions; the first method is the exact opposite of the default easing method and the second eases with event steps.

Example 2: Easing In

var easeIn = function(i, steps) {
	return Math.pow(2, steps - i);

Example 3: Easing None

var easeNone = function(i, steps) {
	return i;

So, if you wanted to scroll the y-axis to 750 using the easingIn method in 10 steps over 500ms, you would call scrollTo with the following signature:

Example 4: ScrollTo Signature

document.scrollTo(0, 750, 10, 500, easeIn);

Lastly, the scrollTo method properly handles sign, so if you are farther down the page, it will scroll up and if you are farther up the page, it will scroll down.