Web Development News Week 47, November 2011

Web development news for the 47th week of 2011:


JavaScript Weekly, Issue #54 - November 25th, 2011

Felix's Node.js Style Guide, Face Detection jQuery Plugin, Asynchronous UIs - The Future of Web User Interfaces, …


HTML 5 Weekly, Issue #14 - November 23rd, 2011

Adobe Donates Flex to Apache, The Fundamentals, Primitives and History of HTML5, Going Fullscreen with Canvas, …


If you aren't using SASS to better manage your CSS, then you should check out this article, Getting Started With SASS from A List Apart. I’ve started using SASS for all my projects as it allows for easier cross-browser support and I have to write much less code.


Many web companies are opposing SOPA, the A List Apart article, Say No to SOPA, describes why you should oppose SOPA as well.