Web Development News Week 36 and 37, September 2011

Web development news for the 36th and 37th week of 2011:


JavaScript Weekly, Issue #43 - September 9, 2011
JavaScript Weekly, Issue #44 - September 16, 2011

New jQuery and Mootools releases, some information about Google&rsquot;s JavaScript replacement language Dart, …

Another great article by Nicholas Zakas, this time discussing Script Yielding with setImmediate, instead of using short setTimeouts. Although, the feature is not finalize, and currently on in IE 10, he does make a good argument for why its awesome.

The IEBlog discusses Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript with Promises as a strong pattern to use when working with AJAX. It goes on to show how Dojo and jQuery already make use of promises in their AJAX libraries.


HTML 5 Weekly, Issue #3 - September 7, 2011
HTML 5 Weekly, Issue #4 - September 14, 2011

Many more article on Canvas and using HTML 5 on mobile devis, plus a whole lot more …