Web Development News Week 35, September 2011

Web development news for the 35th week of 2011:


JavaScript Weekly, Issue #42 - September 2, 2011

FireFoxs JaegerMonkey JIT boasts massive JavaScript performance improvements, new book by Alex MacCaw that covers how to built a state-of-the-art web application, …

Localno.de is one of my favorites apps coming out of node knockout. It allows you to share your localhost through the web, using nodejs. This is great if you want quickly run something by a collegue before committing. Im surprised they didn&rsquot;t win, but from what I can tell, judging was rather adhoc.

PPK updates his event comptibility tables and asks browsers to make some changes in order to improve the web in his article, Event compatibility tables updated.


HTML 5 Weekly, Issue #2 - September 2, 2011

There is a lot of activity going on around gaming and HTML 5, some useful canvas and CSS 3 articles, …