Web Development News Week 22, June 2011

Its been a while since we did a news segment, as I was wondering about its relevance with existing news services and curated lists providing pretty good news coverage. In the end, I decided that I will continue the news segment, but will defer to JavaScript Weekly for most JavaScript news, while continuing to curate general web engineering news myself. Additionally, to keep things fresh, I will be releasing a short news article every Monday.


JavaScript Weekly, Issue #29 - June 3, 2011


In this article, Mobile Browser Share Q1 2011, PPK deep-dives into the mobile browser share around the world. There is a lot of great detail here about the state of the market and where it is going.


Nicholas Gallagher attempts to solve some of the with applying browser specific classnames to the body in his article, Better Conditional Classnames for Hack Free CSS. This article focuses on solutions for a couple of issues when using conditional comments to target IE browsers.