Web Development News Week 10, March 2012

Web development news for the 10th week of 2012:


JavaScript Weekly, Issue #69 - March 9th, 2012

ECMAScript 5: A Revolution in Object Properties, jQuery Gets Its Own Foundation, 50+ JavaScript / HTML5 Frameworks and Related Tools, …


HTML 5 Weekly, Issue #28 - March 7th, 2012

Export to HTML5 Coming to Adobe Flash Soon, Raw WebGL 101: Getting Started, Replacing The -9999px Hack (New Image Replacement), …

Site Update

As I mentioned last week, I migrated the site to a new technology stack, and couldn’t be happier. Working with Python is much easier than PHP, and I’m experimenting with GUnicorn and NGinx, instead of Apache. Plus all my Django experience with Votizen has made rebuilding the infrastructure a breeze. There have been major performance improvements, as I’m using an in memory cache for non-dynamic pages, and JavaScript, CSS, and image compression.

The URL structure has changed, each article slug is shorter than before (directly off the domain), but all previous article links should forward to the correct new URL. I removed search and the TOC, because I want to implement a real search engine and the TOC wasn’t actually helping visitors discover useful articles. I’ve instead created a tutorials page that organizes all the tutorial articles I have written over the years. I will be adding a widgets page soon to showcase the (mostly JavaScript) widgets that I’ve written.

Lastly, I am aware that all the demo pages are currently down and most comments are missing. I tried to use the Disqus migration tool, but somehow that has made things worse. However, I am working closely with them to resolve it. Also, I am going through previous articles (recent to oldest) to fix all broken links, and restore demo pages. The upside is that there will be more consistent style and language to the demos. The downside, well… there are missing demos.

Anyway, as usual, if you have questions, comments, or dissent, please leave a comment.