Web Development News October 2009

Todays article begins a new blog segment. In the past I occasionally wrote articles containing recent web development news and useful links. Rather than sporadically doing this, from now on I plan to write a bi-weekly article updating you on recent articles I feel are useful or important.


YUI Theater Feed · Over the next few weeks a lot of good videos from YUIConf 2009 will be appearing on the YUI Theatre. If you have any interest in YUI 3, then I recommending watching.


IE Tester · A useful tool for debugging various versions of internet explorer. Works independently of any other versions of IE that you might have installed. Has a nice tabbed navigation, where each tab can be a different version of IE. This product is still in alpha, but works well with CSS; I sometimes have issues with it reporting JavaScript errors. Recently, they released an update that fixed some issues.


IE Conditional Comment Gotcha · This article shows how you can break IE Conditional Comments, if you put a space in the wrong place. A short article and might save you a headache at some point down the road.

CSS Differences in Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 · A detailed list of all the CSS2 selectors and how the various IEs treat them differently.

Using in Operator in Conditionals · An exploration of a JavaScript language feature allowing developers to test if a named property exists on an object or not. This is especially useful for testing the existence of a property that may be falsy.