Web Development News November 2009 B

Ext Js Cookbook

For starters, I was recently asked to review Ext Js 3.0 Cookbook. Although the review is still pending, the book looks promising. Ext Js is a powerful, widget based library that can extend most of the other popular JavaScript libraries. This book explains how to make the most of the library.

IE6, IE7, IE8 in Win7 XP Mode

There is a great article on SitePoint describing how to use Microsofts Virtual PC to test full versions of IE6, IE7, and IE8. While I have tried this before to limited success, this article explains how new features of Windows 7 makes it easier than before.

Work Ive Done Recently

I have submitted my work on YUI 3s DataSchema to GitHub. I expect it will be merged with the master branch sometime this week. The new DataSchema has 3 improvements: resultListLocator will accept XPath lookups as well as tag names, sub-schemas are support so almost any XML document can now be fully parsed, and DOM searching has been improved to support more XPath lookups.