Web Development News May 2010 B

Sorry for the lack of articles this week. I have been really busy wrapping up a couple of chapters in my book, and I closed on a house this week. However, I am finally caught up and todays article is a collection of useful news and sites I found at the end of May.

HTML 5 & CSS 3

Nicholas Zakas explains how most of the new browsers already support cross-domain AJAX requests via a protocol known as Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. While it doesnt work yet in all browsers, this could be a really powerful progressive enhancement for your site.


Rich Bradshaw takes a deep look at CSS3 and what you can do with it. The site is best viewed in Safari or Chrome, but works pretty well in FireFox 3.5 and even IE 8.


Smokescreen is a new product that promises to convert FLASH to HTML5/JavaScript. Check it out:


JavaScript Libraries

MooTools has released their second beta for Core 1.3:



Smashing Magazine recently did a detailed review of the currently available cross-browser testing tools. Check out there reviews: