Web Development News March 2011 B

Here is the recent news for the latter half of March.


Felix Geisendorfer, an early Node.js contributor, has released a collection of guides for developing using Node. This is a work-in-progress, but has a lot of good gems: Node Guide.


Dustin Diaz releases Qwery, a tiny, but fully featured selector engine, and Ender.js, an open-source framework containing: a Class System, selector engine, dependency loader, AJAX manager, animator, and a package of core utilities. All this in only 7K of JavaScript.

The jQuery teams has released a new version 1.5.2. This is the second minor release to squash a few bug.

The MooTools teams adds localization API for their source code. This means that you will be able to download and use the Core and More frameworks in your native language.

The article, A Recipe for a YUI 3 Application, on the YUI blog does a great job explaining how to build YUI 3 applications, using small re-usable modules. Pay special attention to events, as it covers how to publish events between YUI 3 sandbox instances.

The JavaScript Template Language Shootoff page evaluates the performance of various templating systems. It also shows how the various techniques perform across browsers at the bottom.


The IEBlog explains IE9’s Document Modes and JavaScript, which covers the various document modes available in IE 9 and how they change the behavior of JavaScript.