Web Development News March 2010 B

Today lets take a look at the recent web development news from the end of March.

Designing For the Web … Now Free

The book Designing For The Web by Mark Boulton, has been released online for free. Worth a read to either understand your designers better or to become a better designer yourself:

Designing For The Web

IE 9

Internet Explorer 9 is already being previewed. They are implementing improved CSS3 support, a new JavaScript engine, better SVG support, and more. Check out these links to read more:
IE9 Platform Preview
IE9 UserAgent String
SVG in IE9 Roadmap
The New JavaScript Engine in IE9

And some userful information about standards in IE7 and IE8:
Standards Documentation For IE7 and IE8

New Version of Prototype

The Prototype group have a release candidate ready for version 1.7:

Prototype 1.7 RC1

YUI 3.1 Release

YUI 3 is finally out of the beta phase. The 3.1 release works out most the kinks with the library and adds some much need improvements: easy gallery inclusions, YUI 2 in YUI 3, and component infrastructure changes to name a few.

YUI 3.1

Run YUI 3 Server-Side With Node.js

I found article very interesting, as I often toy with the idea of using JavaScript server-side. Read more about it:

Running YUI 3 Server-Side With Node.js

Testing Mobile Devices

PPK from quirksmode has put together a comprehensive list of the 15 mobile browsers he tests with useful advise on how to do it well:

Mobile Browsers

jQuery Vs. MooTools

This is an old article written by a MooTools developer, but it you have read it, and you like either of these frameworks, then it is a great read:

jQuery Vs. MooTools