Web Development News June 2010 A

Just got back from the Webby Awards. Mint.com won in the best personal finance and best personal finance blog categories. The 5-word speeches arent online yet, but I gave the speech for Mint this year. Anyway, below are the few articles I found interesting/useful from the beginning of June.

HTML 5 & CSS 3

The major browser makers all now support some kind of @font-face font linking. Richard Fink talks about everything you need to know, to understand this new technology and were it stands today:


Louis Lazaris posted a great article on Smashing Magazine, covering the best practices and tools of cross-browser CSS. This is a good read, especially if you need to brush up on the latest cross-browser pitfalls:


And… thats all I found. Not a whole lot of interesting news these past two weeks. Although, NodeJs is gaining a lot of popularity, and many JavaScript gurus have been tinkering with it. I expect to see some really interesting frameworks in the next few months.