Web Development News July 2010 B

Here is a roundup of some of the interesting news released during the later half of July.


Nokia has put together a best practices performance guide. This is especially useful for mobile developers, but the optimizations will improve performance in all browsers. It is very thorough:


Google has released its JavaScript coding guidelines. Most of it is a collection of well-known best practices, but I found the JavaScript Types and JSDoc section to be particularly useful:


Nicholas Zakas explores the various ways to detect if properties exist on objects and reveals the best ways to evaluate property existence:


HTML 5 & CSS 3

David Flanagan has written Canto, a improved HTML Canvas API. While it doesnt add a lot of new functionality, it does make working with Canvas elements a lot simpler:



Samsungs relatively new phone, the Wave, comes with a new WebKit based browser, Dolfin. PPK took some time to evaluate it:



Dojo has released version 1.5 with tons of improvements, including better mobile support:


YUI has released a preview candidate for version 3.2.0. It includes a lot of nice improvements, but most notably is the mobile support: