Web Development News July 2010 A

Here is a roundup of some of the interesting news released at the beginning of July.

HTML 5 & CSS 3

Using HTML 5s local storage system Dustin Diaz provides a widget to handle client-side caching:


Nicholas Zakas discusses using data URLs in your CSS, making spriting obsolete. Data URLs add the images to the CSS payload, so the browser doesnt have to make additional requests for images. Its supported by modern browsers and is better than spriting:



Have you ever forgot to include the value of a src attribute on your page, causing the browser to fetch the index page of the current directory, or worse repost the previous request? Youll be happy to know that browsers are working on preventing this. Nicholas Zakas discusses the status of the way major browsers are handling empty src attributes:


Another article by Dustin Diaz describing how to do client-side fuzzy-matching with autocomplete widgets. This is a much needed improvement to most autocompletes and I strongly recommend checking this out:


Another great article from Nicholas Zakas discussing ways to improve JavaScript minification. Much of this I&rsquot;ve discussed previously, but this is a quick read and a good refresher:

Steve Levithan wrote a cool JavaScript regular expression syntax highlighter, using JavaScript. This could be useful for debugging your code, and maybe moreso, if you are including Regular expressions in your blog: