Web Development News January 2011 A

Its 2011 and the world is a bright new place. Every browser now fully supports the HTML 5 web standards and nobody uses anything but the latest version of each browser… Well, we can all dream. Although, my last statement will never be true, 2011 is still looking to be a great year. Most of the browsers are embracing HTML 5 and web standards, mobile computing is changing the way we experience the web, JavaScript is now a valid server-side language, and the frameworks are maturing nicely.

Anyway, here is some exciting news from the first half of January 2011.


JavaScript weekly is a concise, once-weekly free roundup of JavaScript news and articles. They do a good job collecting and curating relevant JavaScript news from around the web.

scopeleaks.js is an interesting project that allows you to evaluate if miscellaneous variables are being leaked to the global JavaScript scope. Hopefully, youre writing good code and this isnt happening, but you can always use this tool as a sanity check.


I ran into this cool article, 2010 Through the Lens of YUI Theatre, by Eric Miraglia of YUI, organizing the many YUI related videos from 2010 into and easy to digest blog post.

It is jQuery 5th birthday and to celebrate the team released version 1.5 Beta 1.

The YUI team has released 3.3.0 and it looks great. I am excited that Ryan Grove has added AutoComplete to the core library and Matt Sweeney has added some exciting syntactic sugar to Node.

The Dojo team has released version 1.6 Beta 1, which introduces compatibility code so you can prepare for switching to Dojo 2.

Other Development

The IEBlog team discusses CSS3 Media Queries, which are useful for targeting CSS to specific browsers, resolutions, and more.

Christian Heilmann shows off his HTML 5/CSS3 based Zooming and Rotating Video Player. Its cool and the source if available if you want to use it.