Web Development News February 2011 A

Here is some news from the first half of February.


Dustin Diaz posted $script.js – Another JavaScript loader, which is a remarkably light-weight, but versatile script loader.

The new JSHint is an easy to customize, opensource JavaScript lint tool.


A List Apart posted Cross Platform Scalable Vector Graphics with SVGweb, by Jim Ray, which explains the usefulness of SVG and how you might implement it.


The jQuery team has released version 1.5.1, closing many new and a few older bugs.

The Game Closure Framework makes building cross-platform games easy.

Interesting Reading

This is an interesting article (Why Must We Still Close Script Elements) that looks at the HTML and XHTML DTDs to explain why script tags require a closing </script>, even when they contain no content.

A List Apart posted Web Cryptography, Salted Hash, and Other Tasty Dishes, by Lyle Mullican, which explains how various crypto systems work and how they might be useful for web apps.