Web Development News February 2010 B

Lets take a moment and look back on the life and death of IE6. For those of you who missed the Mountain View funeral, there will be another one held in Colorado on the 4th. For details see http://ie6funeral.com/. May it rest in peace forever, and never, ever be used again.

Now to move onto other recent news.

Best Practices Article by Smashing Magazine

Hopefully, you know most of this already, but it is a good read.

Storage-Lite in YUI3

Ryan Grove has written a Storage Lite package for YUI 3. It isnt a port of YUI 2 Storage Utility, but instead focuses only on the various native methods that existed pre HTML 5. It is a great package and some of these techniques will probably work their way into YUI Storage Utility. Read more about it at http://feeds.yuiblog.com/~r/YahooUserInterfaceBlog/~3/19tp3D3ag7Y/

Need a Job? Work for YUI

The YUI team is hiring. Find out more at http://feeds.yuiblog.com/~r/YahooUserInterfaceBlog/~3/myJCx4R3CMw/.

JQuery 1.4.2 Release

The jQuery team has outdone themselves this time, claiming that they have made jQuery almost twice as fast as before. And it is noticeably faster. Additionally, they have added two functions .delegate() and .undelegate() to compliment the .live() and .die() functions. Read more about it at http://blog.jquery.com/2010/02/19/jquery-142-released/.

Handle Accent Characters in Your AutoComplete

Want to support more characters in your autocomplete system, check out this post, http://www.alistapart.com/articles/accent-folding-for-auto-complete/, which discusses how.

A JavaScript Solution to the Password Problem

The password problem, is that many people feel that input elements of type password are inaccessible (for a variety of reasons). This article, http://www.alistapart.com/articles/the-problem-with-passwords/, describes a couple of JavaScript based solutions to the problem, including one that mimics the iPhone behavior of showing the last character.