Web Development News August 2010 B

Here are some interesting articles from the first half of August:


Douglas Crockford continues his series on the state of JavaScript, talking about the role of event loops and server-side JavaScript. This is a must watch for web developers:


Reid Burke has built a new command line, cross-browser testing framework for YUI, called Yeti. Yeti uses NodeJs to execute YUI tests against your code locally, before you commit your code to a shared repository. Find out more at:


YUI announces a security patch to YUI 3.1. There was a security hole in there "io.swf" file that has been address. If you are using XDR then please read:



I will be leaving Mint at the end of this week to join another startup. My time at Mint has been amazing, and we have built web UIs that most people thought impossible. I enjoyed working with the Mint team, but am looking forward to my next big startup. Ill let you all know where I am going next soon.

However, I can let you know my technology choices: Django as my MVC, Apache as my webserver, and Git for version control. We are experimenting with other technologies as well so that we can implement a continuous build process.

Ill keep everyone posted as to how things are going. We are looking for a strong back-end engineer to help with MySQL, Python, scaling, and more if you or someone you know might be interested.