Web Development News April 2011 A

Here is the recent news for the first half of April.


As you change attributes and styles of elements in the DOM, you often trigger the rendering engine of the browser. The How Not to Trigger Layout in Webkit article explains what you can modify, while not triggering the webkit rendering engine.


Dojo has released a new web builder providing an intuitive web solution for the existing build tools. The well-respected build tools are now easier than ever.

YUI is annoucing version 2.9.0, which will be the last bug fix release on the YUI 2 code line. I believe the team resolved most of the outstanding bugs, I know I worked hard cleaning up the Storage component.


The IE team has released the first IE10 platform preview. They&rsquot;ve been working on it for just a few weeks, but are already engaging the community for direction and feedback.


I recently stumbled upon Nicolas Gallaghers design focused blog and wanted to share it with you. He demonstrates how to take advantage of CSS3 improve your design.