Web Development News April 2010 A

Here is the web development news for the first half of april:

Opera Mini Simulator

Opera developers have written a Java program that simluates the Opera Mini 5 browsers. Developers can go to the site below and play with the demo phone to see how their sites are rendered in Opera Mini.
Opera Mini Simulator

Writing Cross-Browser Code

IE Blog describes how developers should be using feature or behavior detection instead of browser sniffing:
Same Markup: Writing Cross-Browser Code

Pixels on Mobile Phones

Did you know that a CSS pixel is different than the number of pixels available on a mobile device? PPK explains how they relate and what the consequences are to web developers:
A pixel is not a pixel is not a pixel

Improve Minification

Nikcholas Zakas has written an article describing how to improve your JavaScript minification:
Better JavaScript Minification

YUI Weekly Training

YUI is starting a new outreach program where it is hosting open hours (much like your college professor used to) once a week to cover an important new topic and open discussion with the community.
Introducing YUI Open Hours

Write YUI in Java

Many developers like to write their JavaScript code server side, using tools like Google Web Toolkit. Well, Sebastian Gurin, has written Yui4Java, a new application to translate Java code into YUI specific JavaScript.
yui4java: A New Java-to-JavaScript Translator Using YUI 2