Web Development New May 31, 2008

Had a little extra time today, so I wanted to bring these to your attention:

YUI 2.5.2

The YUI team is bringing us another upgrade, YUI 2.5.2. This upgrade is heavily focused on supporting the two new browsers: IE 8 and FireFox 3. They have also fixed the major 2.5.1 glitch in Connection.js that caused POST AJAX requests not to be sent as GET in IE 6. Ill be looking closely at this over the next week in FF3, to see if all the glitches on Mint.com were resolved.

Super Mario in JavaScript

Last month, my new hero Jacob Seidelin, proved that you could write a Mario game in JavaScript. It
s not perfect and every browser has its own quirks, but it is mostly playable. Id say the biggest glitch to resolve is the boundary between objects and Mario. However, he proves that it is possible using the canvas element, and gives me hope that I a sprite-based game engine could be written in JavaScript.

Jacob also recently prototyped out a Mario Kart game as well.

New Blog Rolls

m added Jacob Seidelin and Jason Putorti to my blog roll. Jacob is doing cutting-edge work in JavaScript and Jason is a kick-ass designer. Check out their blogs if you have some time.