Web Development New December 12, 2008

Visual Event

Recently, on Mint.com I have been revisiting old code and improving the performance of events, mostly by reducing the number of handlers on a page. Consequently, I introduce an Event Disptacher tool a couple of weeks ago, which illustrates how to reduce event handlers. However, attaching Event Dispatcher to document can have its own performance drawbacks. Sometimes it makes sense to break the page into smaller node trees and dispatch events on those smaller trees, so less of the document must be iterated through. I have found Visual Event really helps me to understand what events are attached to which nodes in the document and better dispatch events. Visual Event is a JavaScript bookmarklet that visualizes the events attached to nodes as you move the mouse around a web page.

YUI 3.x PR2

Lots of changes to the framework, especially DOM manipulation (much more like jQuery) and widget/plugin infrastructure. They have some really good documentation up at YUI 3

Yahoo Query Language

Yahoo Query Language (YQL) exposes the Yahoo Network to outside services using an SQL-like language and a public URL. See an example of how to use it with flickr, here

YUI Doc: A New Tool for Generating JavaScript API Documentation

This is an amazing piece of software that allows you to easily convert your JavaScript documentation into easy to read and share HTML documents. Have a complete set of documentation for your own code makes it easier to understand, both for your future self, and clients and other developers. YUI Doc also helps organize your code by requiring commenting and architecture standards.