Frameworks, Toolkits, Etc.

First, we must decide what is a framework vs. a toolkit vs. any other name we might use. These words are often used interchangeably when discussing JavaScript libraries and can be confusing.

“Framework - A fundamental structure, as for a written work.”

“Toolkit - A set of software applications that aid a task.”

So for the sake of this blog, we will refer to any collection of JavaScript code providing fundamental underlying architecture to be used across an entire site as a Framework, a small set of tools as a Toolkit, and code collection can also be referred to as a Library. Using these guidelines, moo.fx would be considered a Toolkit, as it is a compact set of tools that may be used to extend the prototype framework, and Google Web Toolkit (GWT) would be a Framework, as it is a complete architecture (even though it is misnamed). And both would be considered a Library.

With that out of the way, lets dive into the meat of todays article, popular JavaScript frameworks and toolkits. There are enough JavaScript libraries to fill volumes of books, so we wont be able to discuss all of them. This blog will consider the most popular frameworks:

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