Styleguide Preview for

Unfortunately, I did not have time to finish a blog article this week. I was busy creating a CSS Styleguide and doing visualizations in Processing.js for my day job. I plan to write about Processing in the future, but I don’ have a topic ready yet. However, the Styleguide work inspired me to begin one for, to help me as I write articles and develop the site. So, let me give you a sneak preview.

You may have already noticed that the styles around the sight have changed a bit, as I unify and normalize. I was surprised to realize how often I was overriding a style in one stylesheet, only to revert it to the initial style again later. This styleguide will help me to see what styles I use on my sight and how they interact with each other. My new approach uses a more smcacss approach, and this rough version of the CSS Styleguide closely resembles the GitHub Styleguide (I love their octolink picture). As I spend more time on it, I expect it to begin to vary more.