Site Outage Fixed - Down for 32 hours :(

I apologize that the site has been down for a couple of days. It was a perfect storm of events.

For starters, Amazon told me about two weeks ago that my server was going to be terminated and that I should do something about it (they do this now and again, as they upgrade equipment). And like any good developer, I was procrastinating until the last minute (Wednesday this week). Then on Tuesday, I received some terrible news about a family member dying and headed out to see her before she passed.

Naturally, while I was away, the date to terminate the server came and went, and Amazon shut down the server. I received a notification about it early Thursday morning (thanks Pingdom), but didn't have time to fix things until this morning.

Again, I apologize for the outage and hope to have a new article out later today or tomorrow at the latest.