Event Package Continued (Part III)

I completed the event package that I have been working on (hurray).


Basically, use Core.Util.Event.add to attach events and Core.Util.Event.remove to remove events.

I have also written a very rudimentary test page that I used to verify that event add/removal functions were all working properly with the internal cache.

Event Test

There are many improvements and there needs to be an in-depth article describing the package. However, I have to postpone the explanation until Fridays post, when I am not so busy. Please take a look at Event.js and review it.

Event Package Continued (Part II)

In my last article (Event Package Part 1), I covered some of the necessary parts of an event package and mentioned some "optional" advanced features. I originally planned to discuss them all in this article, but there is too much material to cover, so I will be breaking it up into two articles. Some of the advanced features (such as, removing all listeners and scope control) require an internal caching mechanism and I will ...

Event Package

For this article, I will be using the attachFunc and detachFunc methods outlined in my X-Browser Event Handling article. Again, sorry about this late post. I am still working 14 hour days this week. Today I will be introducing a simple event handler package. First, we will discuss the methods you might want to have in an Event Package and whether they are: required, frequently used, or nice to have.

Necessary Functions:

  • Event.add ...