YUI Conference 2009

This year I was invited to speak at the YUI Conference 2009, about the YUI Storage Utility I wrote for version 2.8. My presentation covered why we wrote it, how we wrote it, who should use it, and what is coming. I also wanted to cover an example of how to write an engine, but ran out of time. If you attended or are simply interested in YUI Storage Utility, here are some links you might find useful:

To reiterate what is coming down the pipeline:

  • Merging StorageEngineSWF.js with StoreSWF.js · these two files are very similar and duplicate functionality
  • Improve the CE_READY event · these events a little hackish right now, and need optimization
  • Improve inheritance with StorageEngineKeyed · better use of parent/child class relationship; already in github
  • Creating Asynchronous Version of StorageEngine · there a additional engines that must be asynchronous
  • Write BrowserPlus and AJAX engine · these will showcase the asynchronous versions
  • YUI 3 Storage Utility · the utility needs to be ported to YUI 3

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions you have about the current StorageUtility, or future improvements.