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I am a Web Application Developer, living with my wife Janey in Silicon Valley, California. I specialize in client-side development, with a heavy focus on building JavaScript driven applications and widgets, but I have extensively worked on all parts of the web stack, including SQL and no-SQL DBs, various flavors of linux, several servers (apache, green unicorn, nginx, tomcat), many different languages (python, ruby, perl, php, flavors of C, and JAVA), and much more. Besides JavaScripting, lately I’ve spent a lot of time working on Python/Django, Puppet, and Continuous Integration. Learn more about my professional experience, by reading my CV.

I built my first website in 1996, but I didn’t become a full-time web developer until 2003. 2003 was also the year that I started my first company, an unnamed bootstrapped startup with a friend to farm and sell online currency in the Final Fantasy 11 computer game. I ran a 12 computer server-farm that played the game, accruing in-game currency for my partner to sell to other players. I learned that scripting games is both lucrative and rewarding, but ultimately unsustainable, since games are transitive and economies are finicky.

Afterwards I devoted myself to web development, specializing in JavaScript, while watching it mature with the popularization of AJAX and cross-browser libraries, such as YUI and jQuery. I have worked on many projects since 2003, and have matured as a developer, architect, and designer; see my Projects for details.

Aside from programming, my passions lie in video games, sports, traveling, and backpacking. I hope to one day start a video game production company and travel to space.

About This Site

This site is primarily a blog exploring JavaScript and other web technologies, such as CSS, HTML, AJAX, and some server-side technologies. Additionally, there are a few pages devoted to projects that I have worked on and other topics of interest to me. If you subscribe to the blog expect one to two posts a week, with the weekly news article going out on Monday and a more detailed article later in the week. Originally, this blog (back in 2007) focused on discussing the development of various JavaScript libraries. Back then they were all young and their implementations varied widely. As the libraries and this blog have matured, I have drifted away focusing on just the libraries and broaden the discourse to cover all web technologies.

This blog advocates the use of a JavaScript library for all front-end developers, no matter how small their JavaScript needs are, as libraries simplify and improve JavaScript and DOM interactions. My favorite application library is YUI, which I feel is the best documented and well-written library; and I frequently use it as the core of more complex examples. That said, for simple project with mostly flat pages, jQuery is simpler.

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All code on this site is under the MIT License, and can be re-used and modified for your projects, as long as you reference this site as the source.

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This site is not free to maintain, and I spend a lot of time writing/developing meaningful content for you. If you find the content useful (and would like to see more) or you’re feeling generous, please send a little love my way by donating. Every cent goes to paying for servers and improving your experience.

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Recent Projects

  • Django HTML5 Boilerplate · An up-to-date HTML5 Boilerplate port to Django. There is also a mobile friendly solution, Django HTML5 Mobile Boilerplate.
  • Django-Shared · A collection of useful Django tools and template architecture.
  • Votizen.com · Connect with your voting friends and elect candidates that share your values
  • YUI 2.X Cookbook · Over 70 simple and effective recipes for taking control of YUI like a Pro
  • YUI Storage · An x-browser and backwards compatible implementation of HTML 5 local/session storage
  • Mint.com ยท The best free way to manage your finances online